It has been decades since we began our journey in the log cabin construction field. We have now branched out and we offer a long list of services that people looking to get their log cabins might need.

Widest variety of choices:

Log on to your website to look at the largest assortment of log cabins to find the one that suits your expectations.

  • If you are looking to install a small home office in your backyard, our home office cabins come in all shapes and sizes.
  • If traditional cabins are all what you need, we have them too.
  • We know that safety is the primary concern when it comes to school classrooms. We have the most comfortable and convenient ventilation school classrooms to choose from.
  • Clockhouse cabins are pretty popular now. We have them too.

The other range of log cabins that you would find from our catalog includes summer houses, corner octagonal cabins, garage cabins, playhouse and lots more.

Easy order and delivery- with installation:

If you are looking to build a log home yourself, you can let us know in advance. We have the option to deliver log cabin kits which are pretty easy to put together. If you require installation services, we offer them too.
The best part about ordering with us is the ordering process. You could simply browse through the various categories in our online catalog. Each category includes cabins of all sizes. If you are on a tight space constraint you can choose from our smallest cabins. These are space efficient systems that utilize every inch of space to the best. If you are looking for something large we have them too. No matter what size you choose you can be assured of timely delivery. Depending on the log cabin you choose and the size and other modifications you require, you would be given an estimated delivery time even before you place your order.


Why Choose Us?

Energy management in a normal home itself might be a challenging job unless the basics aren't understood. When it comes to log homes the task is even tougher. Some people start out their log cabin construction without delving into the heating and energy management strategies for the house.

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